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Instructions and FAQ's

   Pi Power Share is a very powerful music sharing feature powered by Send Anywhere.

1. How do I send music through Pi Power Share?

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2. I received a 6-digit key. How do I receive music through Pi Power Share?

You can receive using multiple ways like :

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3. How do I share music to another platform other than Android?

Either you can use the Send Anywhere website on any browser or you can download and use the appropriate client for your platform from the Send Anywhere Downloads section.

4. What is the 6-digit key?

5. How long will the files be kept on the server?

The file is sent directly to the destination device without being uploaded to the server. Must receive files within 10 minutes.

6. Is it safe to send and receive files through Send Anywhere?

Yes, it is very safe to send and receive files through Send Anywhere as long as you know who is sending you the files. Send Anywhere uses 256-bit encryption to ensure all file transfers are safe and heavily encrypted. Additionally, because normal 6-digit key transfers are not stored on a Cloud server, the chance of someone being able to steal your information decreases greatly.

If you have further questions or doubts regarding Pi Power Share, feel free to drop a mail to 100PiDevs@gmail.com or you can visit the Send Anywhere FAQ Page for further clarifications.

Please note that data charges may apply while sharing music using Pi Power Share.